English Embassy in Lebanon ‘profoundly worried’ at financial balance terminations

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2 min readMar 26, 2022


The British Embassy in Beirut said on Friday it was “profoundly worried” by Lebanese banks shutting accounts having a place with individuals who are nationals or inhabitants of the United Kingdom, Reuters reports.

In articulation, the Embassy said “this one-sided activity” by banks had singled out account holders based on their British residency or ethnicity, in “what the future held designated and the oppressive way”.

The assertion named no loan specialists in Lebanon’s emergency hit financial area, where more than $100 billion of hard cash reserve funds stay stuck, with most contributors unfit to get to their assets.

An association for savers with reserves caught in Lebanese banks says that in excess of 50 British savers have been in touch in light of the fact that their records were singularly shut or they dreaded their conclusion, since a 28 February UK court administering requesting two Lebanese banks to move assets to a UK client.

The 28 February UK court request required Lebanon’s Bank Audi and its friend, SGBL, to move $4 million to a client, the principal UK administering obliging Lebanese banks to move dollars out of the financial framework, raising the possibility of comparable activities.

Lebanon’s monetary framework imploded in 2019 under the heaviness of monstrous public obligations brought about by many years of debasement, waste, and support by the public authority, which was acquired vigorously by the Lebanese banks.

Without a trace of capital control regulation in Lebanon, banks started impressive casual limitations on withdrawals and moves abroad as the monetary framework imploded in 2019.

These controls were never formalized with regulation and have been tested in the neighborhood and worldwide courts, with blended outcomes.

Lawful tussles among banks and contributors looking for their money are likewise working out in Lebanon.

What’s more, accordingly, more banks have been shutting records and giving checks for the equilibrium without talking with clients, attorneys representing contributors say.

English Ambassador, Ian Collard, asked: “the Lebanese specialists to guarantee that all contributors are appropriately and genuinely treated, and he underlined the significance of Lebanese banks not oppressing account holders based on their British ethnicity or residency”.

In gatherings with authorities, including the Central Bank Governor and the Prime Minister, he “clarified his interests about the treatment of British nationals and British occupant contributors”, the assertion said.



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