Farmaajo’s eagerness for power put Somalia’s future in peril

Jack daniel
2 min readFeb 23, 2021

Somalia is a torn state and there was an opportunity for the current chiefs to bring back the state into a ‘decent structure’ however the covetousness for power toppled the need and the Farmaajo government is resolved about proceeding to do this for another term after it had formally finished on February 7 this year.

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has would not leave office as the top chief and given the way that the administrative parliament’s order terminated a year ago in December, Somalia doesn’t have any clear government or compelling parliament in a castle in papers. The nation didn’t have a political race, which was prior guaranteed by the top powers a year ago.

Notwithstanding, many have censured the worldwide local area for the circumstance in Somalia however as opposed to this conviction, it isn’t the unfamiliar party that ought to be accused yet the sole obligation ought to be taken by the Somalian chiefs thus called parliamentarians.

Farmaajo has consistently contended that his interval government ought to be in force till the following dates for races are reported, which is an opposite conviction to the general concept of races. From that point forward, there have been various gatherings about the standards administering the decisions. The lone association from the global side is a stand where they request no halfway races and no incomplete cycles.

He has communicated that he isn’t leaving the position since he fears any political vacuum will be hazardous for the country however specialists contend that he had constantly to lead decisions before his term terminated. As decisions quit for the day, begun giving abnormal and informal reasons why races can’t be led.

In opposition to the cases of Farmaajo, he is not, at this point the leader of Somalia. There were reports recently that to dodge any fair cycle or political decision in the country, the pioneer has likewise depended on rough measures. He has apparently slaughtered individuals who have restricted the possibility of the continuation of his term.

Something else that has been confounded by most is that individuals accept that the nation is in an emergency because of a sacred circumstance yet it is far all the more a security emergency than the authority one. Farmaajo is very much aware that he is the person who controls security and it has nothing to do with the constitution except for he is as yet deciding to disregard this very truth.

The nation has seen itself under four years of thorough despot’s standard who isn’t centered around the issues of individuals however is exclusively worried about force. Individuals have chosen not to perceive public authority, particularly after the term terminated recently. It is extremely clear Farmaajo is not anymore the leader of the country however a hoodlum of force.



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