German telecaster Deutsche Welle fires 2 additional Arab representatives

Jack daniel
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Two Palestinian writers were sacked, Tuesday, from Germany’s global telecaster, Deutsche Welle, for the supposed enemy of Semitic remarks, Anadolu News Agency reports.

The excusals come multi-week after the news association let go of five Arabic staff members.

The excusal of Zahi Alawi and Yasser Abu Muailek came after online media posts from 2014 surfaced that were purportedly hostile to Semitic, as indicated by reports in German media.

The presents being referred to alluded on Facebook posts by Alawi and Abu Muailek that censured the Israeli hostile on the barred Gaza Strip in 2014.

“How the fear monger province of Israel is treating the Palestinians is a rehashed Holocaust,” Alawi composed on his Facebook page in July 2014.

Deutsche Welle reported last week that it terminated five columnists from its Arabic assistance following a two-month examination concerning claims of hostility to Semitism.

The association has for some time been condemned for one-sided inclusion of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Yet, the board at Deutsche Welle has contended that Germany bears a unique obligation regarding the country, because of Nazi violations submitted against Jews during World War II.

Last year, DW’s article board sent another announcing manual for staff, further confining basic detailing of Israel and, as per another assertion, it is presently wanting to hone its set of rules with more spotlight on the enemy of Semitism, Israel’s on the right track to exist and Germany’s recorded liability.



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