Iran: ‘World’s dirtiest man’ dies at 94

Jack daniel
1 min readOct 27, 2022

An Iranian man who was called “the world’s dirtiest man” for his refusal to wash for over more than half a century died at the age of 94 due to complications from smoking.

Iranian media reported Amou Haji, who feared that showering would result in him contracting diseases, died on Sunday in the village of Dejgah in the southern Iranian province of Fars.

A local official said that Haji had the conviction that bathing and hygiene were harmful to his health, so he avoided them for decades. When he was cold, he would wear a hat on his head and smoke a large number of cigarettes at one time.

Haji was single after being heartbroken in his youth.

He became famous and his life was featured in a documentary film in 2013 entitled The Strange Life of Amou Haji.

When doctors in Iran conducted medical tests on Amou Haji years ago, they found that he did not suffer from any parasitic disease.

Those who spent time with him described him as affectionate and said that although he looked intimidating, he never harmed anyone.



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