Israel warns Russian citizens they might be drafted to fight Ukraine

Jack daniel
1 min readOct 1, 2022

Following Vladimir Putin’s declaration of a partial call-up, Israel warned its dual citizens that they might be drafted to fight in Ukraine, Israeli media reported on Friday.

In a statement, Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced: “Israeli citizens who hold Russian citizenship who enter, stay in, or will visit inside the borders of the Russian Federation, will be subject to Russian laws and regulations.”

The statement shared that they could be subject to: “Decisions regarding drafting citizens into the Russian military and the possibility of leaving the state’s borders.”

At the same time, the Israeli Foreign Ministry asked Israeli citizens to consider this information when planning their travels to Russia.

Meanwhile, Israel Occupation Forces are instructing Israeli soldiers with Russian citizenship that they cannot visit Russia. Those currently there are being told they must return to Israel immediately, Walla! the news site reported an Israeli official saying.

According to Israeli media, this notice came as Israel prepares for an influx of Russians fleeing and being drafted for the fighting in Ukraine.
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis hold Russian citizenship, many of whom still maintain links with Russia and travel back and forth.



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