Israel’s leader addresses Putin over Russian push to boycott Jewish non-benefit

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2 min readAug 10, 2022

Israeli President Isaac Herzog talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday about Russia’s endeavor to boycott the world’s greatest Jewish non-benefit bunch, which assists Jews with moving to Israel, reports Reuters.

Russia’s equity service is looking to sell the Russian part of the Jewish Agency for supposed breaks of protection regulations.

A few Israeli lawmakers have communicated worry that Russia might be fighting back against Israel’s analysis of its intrusion of Ukraine, and about the impact that two-sided pressures could have on Russia’s own Jewish people group.

Some additionally stress that it could harm Russian-Israeli correspondences in Syria, where Moscow sends air power on the side of the public authority and Israel has gone after what it portrays as Iranian-connected military targets.

“The call was blunt and legitimate. The two presidents underlined the significant areas of collaboration among Israel and Russia and consented to stay in touch,” Herzog’s assertion said.

The Kremlin said the men had concurred that contacts with the Jewish Agency would be gone on by the two nations.

Exactly 600,000 Russians are qualified to emigrate to Israel in light of their Jewish legacy, and authorities say there has been an ascent in applications since the question emerged.

Herzog, whose post is to a great extent representative, said the call with Putin had been facilitated by Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who has denounced Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine.



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