Jewish Agency is prepared to close its entryways in Russia and work on the web

Jack daniel
2 min readAug 11, 2022

The Jewish Agency could end its actual presence in Russia and begin working on the web and through phone, a senior authority was accounted for by Israeli media said yesterday.

A gathering occurred at the organization’s base camp in Jerusalem yesterday to examine how to move the activity from Russia to Israel.

“We are looking at every one of the choices for a stormy day,” the Times of Israel revealed a Jewish Agency official expressing, talking on state of obscurity.

“The preliminary could go the two different ways: shut down, or remaining under fixed guideline,” he said. “In any case, we are surely not going to leave if there’s anything we can do about it.”

A source told the Jerusalem Post: “The Jewish Agency will work its work on aliyah (Jewish migration to Israel) from Israel, on the web or by telephone. The issue is that it will be basically impossible to empower aliyah from Russia.”

It can likewise not work any actual giver exercises in Russia “yet will finance neighborhood exercises or send impermanent teachers from Israel to help with Jewish life.”

A senior authority said: “The Agency in no way wants to shut down its exercises and leave Russia. We will adjust to the prerequisites of Russian regulation and work inside its structure, however, we will keep on being available and work in Russia, to the extent that this is legitimately feasible for us.”

A trial was set for 19 August, during which the appointed authorities might boycott the office’s movement, as suggested by the Justice Ministry over a month prior.



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