Libya: Forum of Young Students to Build Peace and Strengthen Stability finished up in Tripoli

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3 min readOct 14, 2021

The Forum of Young Students to Build Peace and Strengthen Stability was hung on Tuesday in Tripoli, working with and within the sight of the Vice President of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi. In his initial discourse, Al-Lafi focused on the significance of the job of youngsters in the accomplishment of the public compromise project in Libya. The occasion saw the investment of youngsters from all districts of the North African nation to underline the attachment and solidarity of the country.

Besides, the VP clarified that the focal job of the understudy section is to step up to the plate and lead the country towards a splendid future liberated from the slip-ups of the past, to assemble a genuine renaissance for the Libyan individuals through the dreams and thoughts introduced during the gathering.

Al-Lafi expressed that he finds in youngsters a hint of something to look forward to for the future, demonstrating their requests to be troopers faithful to the country and not to leave any chance for division and distinction. He focused on that Libya would not ascent and succeed if not with the hands of its youngsters to foster an assembled country. The discussion’s dispatch was additionally gone to by the parliamentarian Ayman Seif Al-Nasr, the Minister of Justice Halima Abdel Rahman, the Minister of Youth, Fathallah Al-Zani, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, the minister of the University of Tripoli, and the understudies of the different Libyan colleges.

After the work, on Tuesday evening in the Libyan capital, the Students Youth Forum gave a progression of proposals, isolated into five gatherings, commended by the authorities as they add to the solidness and improvement of the country. They express Libyan youth’s craving for change, a detainee for more than ten years of political, ancestral, and military struggles that have gradually changed into an intermediary battle with a worldwide reach.

VP Abdullah Al-Lafi and the specialists who went to the gathering collectively conceded to the discussion’s prosperity, depicting youngsters as a compelling power to change the circumstance on the ground and wipe the slate clean. The official committee part listened uproarious and clear to the understudies’ craving for soundness for their nation, inviting their energy. Toward the finish of the gathering, the VP welcomed the members to choose their agent who will partake in crafted by the High Commissioner for National Reconciliation.

Al-Lafi additionally focused on the need to give a public contract on which all Libyans concur, framing a panel to follow up and carry out every one of the proposals communicated during the occasion. Talking at the exchange meeting, the Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Masouda Al-Aswad, focused on the need to really focus on the adolescent fragment from youth and plan instructive educational programs that support esteems and positive energy, dismissing savagery and radicalism.

Moreover, Masouda Al-Aswad depicted youth investment in the discussion as a foundation for setting up the Higher Youth Commission for Reconciliation, a method for understanding their sacred right to choose their predetermination.



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