Saudi Arabia and Oman guarantee residents of adequate wheat supplies in the midst of worldwide deficiencies

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2 min readMay 18, 2022

Saudi Arabia has guaranteed its residents that there is no lack of wheat supplies in the country, in the midst of worldwide deficiencies exacerbated by the Russian intrusion of Ukraine and the continuous conflict.

Talking in a program brought ‘In the open’ on a Saudi TV slot, the Deputy Governor of the Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO), Zaid Al Shabanat, made the confirmation by explaining that his association’s procedure is to source grain from different nations and mainlands as opposed to depending on a solitary source.

Al Shabanat emphasized that the Kingdom has adequate amounts of grain stocks and that any sum it imports from Russia and Ukraine can be repaid by different wellsprings of import, whether from Europe or North or South America.

He likewise expressed that an agreement was marked last month to make enormous amounts of grain accessible to the Kingdom and its business sectors for the last quarter of 2022. “The Kingdom has additionally prevailed with regards to beating the effect of the Covid pandemic, which was more prominent than the effect of the Russian-Ukrainian emergency,” he focused.

The SAGO Deputy Governor’s remarks come days after India reported a boycott of the commodity of the entirety of its wheat — of various kinds and assortments — in a transition to keep up with its general stockpile and guarantee food security inside the country. New Delhi did, notwithstanding, guarantee that all unavoidable continuous agreements for wheat commodities will be respected, permitting Egypt and a few different nations to be excluded from the boycott.

Adjoining Oman made its own confirmations to its kin, with the CEO of Oman Flour Mills Company (OFMC), Haitham Mohamed Al Fanna, apparently expressing in a meeting that “Two shipments of wheat showed up from India and the third shipment will show up right away.”

Al Fanna added that similar to its neighbor, it has been broadening its wellsprings of import and declining to depend on one. “Aside from that, we additionally have normal shipments coming from Australia and these stocks are adequate for the rest of this current year,” he said.



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