Turkiye to send 700 tons of help to Afghanistan on ‘good cause train’

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2 min readJan 20, 2022

The Turkish President declared on Wednesday that the nation would send a “noble cause train” to Afghanistan conveying crisis products, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Talking after a Cabinet meeting in the capital, Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the train, conveying 700 tons of food, apparel, and wellbeing and crisis products are to be sent with the help of 10 non-administrative associations under the coordination of Turkiye’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

Help offices portray Afghanistan’s situation as one of the world’s most quickly developing compassionate emergencies.

As indicated by the UN helpful coordination office, OCHA, a large portion of the populace currently faces intense yearning, north of 9,000,000 individuals have been uprooted and a great many kids are out of school.

Last week, the UN and its accomplices sent off a $4.4 billion subsidizing appeal to turn away a compassionate calamity in Afghanistan in 2022.

UN Chief, Antonio Guterres, has cautioned that a great many Afghans are very nearly passing, encouraging the global-local area to deliver Afghanistan’s frozen resources and kick off its banking framework.

President Erdogan likewise remarked on the circumstance in Turkiye, saying there would be a “totally different picture” of the country one year from now. He pledged to keep seeking after objectives towards a more grounded future.

Remarking on his new yearly gathering with EU emissaries, Erdogan said they had evaluated the past and present status of ties among Turkiye and the coalition, talking about places of stalemate and proposed ways of settling them.

Referencing an as of late declared framework in Turkiye, presenting Turkish lira store accounts shielded from unfamiliar trade vacillations, he said the number of stores had arrived at 163 billion liras ($12.16 billion).

In December, the USD/TRY conversion scale approached 20. However, after the new framework was reported, the lira acquired critical worth with a considerable decrease in homegrown interest in unfamiliar cash.

Turkiye likewise looks to convince individuals to place their gold into the monetary framework, the President added.

He said with the help of the nation’s Credit Guarantee Fund, arrangements are close to consummation for a bundle visualized giving business insurance and improvement need advances.

“We request your backing to make Turkiye a spot where everybody accomplishes their work and holds their investment funds in Turkish liras,” he added.



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